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Sam Derbyshire Photography

Past Exhibitions

‘Turkana Through Time’

July-August 2016 at the British Institute in Eastern Africa, Nairobi, Kenya.

In collaboration with the Pitt Rivers Museum, University of Oxford, and the British Institute in Eastern Africa, this exhibition showcased a series of historical photographs taken in Turkana at various different times throughout the last century (the earliest being from the 1920s). The exhibition also displayed a selection of Sam’s own photographs, taken between 2014-2015, which showed these historical photographs being discussed by communities in Turkana during a series of visual repatriation and photo-elicitation sessions convened during his research in the region.

‘The Ruins of Turkana’

October-November 2015 at the British Institute in Eastern Africa and the Nairobi National Museum, Kenya.

As part of the ‘Waste, Remains and Metonymy: A Critical Intervention into Art and Scholarship’ day at the BIEA, this exhibition concentrated on the reasons behind, and lasting residues of, the historical failure of large-scale development projects in Turkana. The photographs showed the dilapidated ruins of a commercial fishing scheme instigated by the Norwegian Agency for Development in the early 1970s. Following an initial day-long exhibition at the BIEA, the works were later moved to the Nairobi National Museum, where they stayed on display for a month with other works from the collective venture.

Exhibition of historical photographs

June 2014 at the Loiyangalani Desert Museum, Marsabit, Kenya.

In collaboration with the National Museums of Kenya, the Loiyangalani Desert Museum, Marsabit County Government and the Pitt Rivers Museum, University of Oxford, this exhibition drew together historical photographs taken amongst various different communities in Marsabit County throughout recent history. These photographs were displayed at the opening of the Loiyangalani Desert Museum in June 2014, which coincided with the 2014 Turkana Cultural Festival. The exhibition and museum were officially opened by the Deputy President of Kenya and the Governor of Marsabit County. In the ensuing years these photographs have come to serve as an integral feature of the Loiyangalani Museum’s display.


Upcoming Exhibitions

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